Why Us?

Who we are.
Horusrc.com has a major interest in model-based toy sales, both wholesale and retail. The company is located in Shanghai, China with very reliable export experience and a tested internal supply chain network. Horusrc.com is founded by several professional players and skilled e-commerce business operators. We use all the advantages of professionals selected in this field. In addition, we developed a collection of the most desired, high-interest products.
One stop shopping for all FrSky products (Including all small parts)
We are premium dealer of FrSky. You can find us on FrSky premium dealers list. We have all FrSky products in stock including all small parts. 

We offer EXTREME choice.
Horus RC features the most diverse catalogues in the industry. 40 different categories, 500 items, and new items added DAILY. We know what we want and deliver that same kind of diversity and choice that we know you deserve. And when it comes to quality? We prioritize that as well. We have over 100 professional pilots who meticulously test and try every single product that we sell worldwide—ensuring that they’re the very best items you can get.
We give you EXTREME service.
24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Ensures that its customer service moves beyond the familiar. We offer the very first active, independently moderated, and totally uncensored feedback forum. We want to hear what you TRULY feel. While we’re always happy with glowing praise, we know that we can also learn a lot from listening and helping out when things go a little astray. Our moderators are all customers like you! So you can be assured absolute confidence and understanding.
We guarantee EXTREME shipping.
Horus RC will ensure that anything you order gets to you in one piece (or however many pieces they’re supposed to be) without any additional shipping cost no matter where you live in the world. We know that you want only the very best, but we want to make sure that you never spend more than you absolutely have to.